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In Explore Flask I do my best to teach some of the patterns and best practices most commonly used by Flask developers to make developing applications an easier process.

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The book is currently in development, but I've decided to make it available for purchase to get continuous feedback as I work on future releases.

  • The current version is 0.02.
  • This version contains the first 8 chapters in a rough state.
  • Other chapters are excluded as they're still in an even rougher state.
  • The formatting of the PDF is also in a rough state. Don't expect anything too pretty just yet.
  • If none of this scares you, click the purchase button below!

I want to make the book available to as many people as possible, so you can pay what you feel is appropriate.

Everybody who buys the book now (even for $0) will get future versions sent to their email at no cost.

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About the Author

Picture of Robert Picard

Robert Picard is a web developer and Flask enthusiast. In May of 2013 he noticed that there wasn't a good book outlining Flask best practices and decided to write it himself. In June, he launched a Kickstarter that would ultimately raise $8,175 from 426 backers all around the world.

Current progress

  1. Introduction Revised
  2. Coding Conventions Revised
  3. Environment Revised
  4. Organizing Your Project Revised
  5. Configuration Revised
  6. Views and Routing Revised
  7. Blueprints Revised
  8. Templates Drafted
  9. Static Files Drafted
  10. Storing Data Unwritten
  11. Handling Forms Drafted
  12. Handling Users Drafted
  13. Serving an API Unwritten
  14. Testing Unwritten
  15. Deploying Unwritten
  16. Debugging Unwritten
  17. Conclusion Unwritten


The plan is to first finish revising the chapters that have been drafted. Each of those will be included in a new release as they're completed. Once those are all done, I'll start drafting the unwritten chapters. Then of course I'll revise those and release them in pre-release versions of Explore Flask.

The last step will be incorporating all of the feedback and doing another pass through each chapter for version 1.0 of the book.


Creative Commons License
Explore Flask is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


The content of Explore Flask is available on GitHub here: https://github.com/rpicard/explore-flask. I would love to see bug reports and pull requests!

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